Thursday, 8 May 2008

kittin 20

...the long awaited GRAND FINALE!

narrator: [dusts off script] erm...
dave: [helpfully] the Other Way was finally at our mercy
narrator: thank you dave. always a helpful one. i shall remember that for the next series, should ever such a thing come to pass
dave: glad to be of service [bows low]
narrator: and now, formalities aside, our heroes were ready to complete their quest and return in victory!
all: hurrah!
other way: [weakly] don't hurt me
amos: what's that you say?
other way: don't hurt me. i only want to live in peace
dave: awww
amos: isn't it sweet
jj: remember why we came here, fellas
amos: actually, it's been so long, i've bally well gone and forgotten!
jj: we're here to catch it, and to take it home
other way: nooooo!
jj: nooo?
other way: it's scottish for "no!"
jj: i suspected as much, you crafty creature
other way: don't make me leave, i love it here so very much
dave: you have to admit, he puts across a rather convincing argument
amos: he does, he does
dr moose: *meow*
[there is a silence full of anticipation and suspense]
jj: very well, we shall leave him here. but this quest shall not have been in vain...
jj: ...because...
narrator: while jeremy-jeremy struggled to finish his sentence, the others prepared to return home
announcer: hang on a second, all this hard work and you're just going to leave?
dave: that was the plan, stan
announcer: how did you know my name?
dave: i've got the knack
announcer: sounds nasty
narrator: and so it was decided that the announcer would stay with the Other Way, who had quickly become his friend. that way he would no longer be a threat to the kittin community, and it meant that our heroes could visit him for holidays and such. furthermore, the Other Way would not be such a sad and lonely beast, and he would probably be much better behaved in the future
amos: so that's it? end of story?
jj: not quite...
narrator: actually, yes it is. that's all for now. season 1, closed
dr moose: *meow*


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