Thursday, 17 April 2008

kittin 19

...more again again again!...

narrator: look at them! cowering behind a rock while the Other Way roars and rages about
jj: we should try again. i'm not going to have come all this way just to be mildly terrified by a sheepy creature
amos: i am! i think we should run away home and have tea and crumpets
dave: that's very typically fairytale of you, amos. we should defeat this beast, and capture him
[there is a roar from the distance]
jj: if we can trip him on a rock, we can catch him in a net
[they prepare to trip the Other Way on a rock]
announcer: [appearing from the sidelines] i'll save you!
jj: we're alright actually, we're about to trip him on a...
announcer: [loudly] YOOOU SHALLLLL NOT PASSSSS!
jj: [quietly] um...
announcer: RAAAAAAH! [fires rocket launcher in general direction of Other Way] [misses profusely]
jj: at this point i think we should resort to plan B, namely the bit where we run away and have tea and crump... [there is a massive explosion]
all: aaaaah!
dr moose: *meow*
[dust etc. envelops foreground]
[coughs and spluttering]
narrator: well, that was messy
dave: yes, it was
narrator: ...and once again, everything went tits up when the announcer got involved
announcer: [weakly] i was only trying to help
[spluttering is heard in the distance]
jj: i think he may have stunned the Other Way!
[pan to Other Way lying stunned amongst the rubble]
amos: it was quite a stunning performance
announcer: thank you
amos: no, thank you
announcer: my pleasure
narrator: and so, the Other Way was finally at their mercy. but what would happen next?

grand finale to follow!

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