Thursday, 2 April 2009

kittin 2 / 1

narrator: in an unexpected turn of events, dave has become king
dave: get in that tumble-dryer, fluffy!
amos: yes sir [bows low]
dave: [to audience] it is necessary to make sure that no-one inteferes with my clothing
audience: [silently agrees, as you are now also doing]
dave: ...even when it is being TUMBLED DRY!
amos: indeed, your majesty. [gets in the tumble-dryer] it's very hot...
narrator: but at that moment, amos's sad little narrative was interupted by that of the kittinz, who were having great fun on the palace roof
jj: i bet you can't spit on... that one
dr moose: *meow* [does it]
jj: [applauds]
dr moose: *bows low*
dave: [from throne room far below] you bow to no-one except me! do you hear that, "doc"? NO-ONE!
dr moose: [mews timidly]
narrator: now dave was a good king, a kind king, a nice king. but sometimes, power would get the better of him, and he would do silly things such as rapping...
dave: [to the bathroom mirror] my name's dave, i get to shave, razor blades in my face and all over the place
narrator: ...and when the kittinz heard him they would tremble in fear
[cut to shot of kittinz trembling]
jj: that's some good trembling action there, doc
dr moose: *meow*
jj: yeah, i love what you're doing with your knees
narrator: overall, however, dave's reign was one of peace and harmony, and his subjects revered him
amos: [muffled voice, from tumble-dryer] can i come out now?


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