Friday, 3 April 2009

kittin 2 / 2

narrator: king dave was a good king, a wise king, a nice king
dave: i was?
narrator: yes, and you had a very fine crown
dave: and i was handsome, wasn't i?
narrator: handsome, yes...
dave: and brave?
narrator: "brave king dave," they called you
dave: i suspected as much. punish them! immediately
amos: but why, oh benevolent one?
dave: a rhyming king? i'll be no such thing!
[sound of kittinz giggling]
dave: why, you mischievous wretches. i suppose you think rhyming is funny? don't you know it can be very dangerous?
jj: [panting with laughter] dave... it's not a CRIME to RHYME [collapses in hysterics]
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: but at this very moment, the sky went dark
dave: look what you've done! the gods are angry
amos: [cowers in fear]
jj: just as well i've still got my tin
[the kittinz hide in their tins]
dave: amos! fetch me a tin that i too may hide
amos: but...
dave: disobedience?
amos: you'll be a king in a tin!
[sound of jj laughing, muffled by tin]
dave: that doesn't rhyme
narrator: it almost does
amos: look, there's a full moon in the sky!
narrator: ...and so it transpired that the gods were not angry at all, but that it was simply night time. all that fuss for nothing


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