Sunday, 5 April 2009

kittin 2 / 4

narrator: so begins the telling of the GREAT and DRAMATIC MAGPIE TALE
magpie 3: *caw, caw*
narrator: which will not be interuppted by an insolent cast
magpie 4: *caw, caw*
narrator: nor any beasts of the sky, the land or the sea
magpie 5: *caw, caw*
narrator: nor any flipping magpies
magpie 6: [does a flip]
[in the background other magpies are seen performing various flipping activities, such as flipping pancakes, "flipping the bird" (which is extremely appropriate), and generally being flippant]
narrator: as you can see, magpies are extremely irritating creatures, and so when dave discovered that his court was full of them...
[flashback to dave opening curtains and seeing a court full of magpies]
...he decided that something had to be done
dave: something MUST be done!
dr moose: *meow*
jj: doc and i have come up with an unbeatable plan
dave: tell me all
jj: you must bake them
amos: bake them?
jj: bake them. bake them in a pie
amos: in a pie?
narrator: you heard the man
dave: [puts on his pondersome face]
amos: [hushed voice] the wise king dave is pondering your plan
jj: [irritated whisper] i know a pondersome face when i see when, fool
dave: [slowly exits his state of ponderousness] i have considered your plan...
all: [excitedly] ...and?
dave: it shall be done!
[royal fanfare]
narrator: next time: THE BAKING OF THE PIE - a white-knuckle ride of an episode wherein the process of pie-making is debated heavily, and there is rather a lot of cawing in the background


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