Tuesday, 1 April 2008

kittin 15

amos: you're a dog! you're a tiger! stretttttch it!
jj: [leaps about]
dave: what's going on here?
amos: i'm just helping jeremy-jeremy here with his training
jj: i'm thinking about joining the army or something, you know... see the world, get some life experience, live a little
dave: there's an important catch there, jj... you know they won't allow you in if you're in a tin?
jj: get out!
dave: it's true!
narrator: it is
jj: well then, damnit, i shall have to find some Other Way
amos: other way to what?
jj: just generally, some Other Way
narrator: [helpfully] he's put capitals on the "O" and the "W"
amos: oh
jj: yes, and "W"
narrator: and so jeremy-jeremy hopalong and co went on a quest to find the Other Way
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: but not before collecting their good friend and accomplice, and kitten-in-a-tin, the wonderful dr moose
announcer: [sneakily sneaks around in the background]
dave: look at that sneaky fella, sneaking around so sneakily. i wonder what his sneak is?
announcer: [calls from the distance] i, er... i've lost my Other Way! have you seen it anywhere?
amos: [giggling] i think it went that way...
announcer: [looks]
amos: ...no, the OTHER way! [giggles some more, like a little girl on a tricycle going down a hill]
narrator: after another compeltely unfunny outburst from amos, our heroes decided to team up with the sneaky announcer fella and look for...
[dramatic music]

...more to come

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