Friday, 28 March 2008

kittin 14

narrator: where have you kittinz been recently, eh? you'll get me in trouble
dave: they've been hibernating, bless them
narrator: really?
dave: yes, bless them
narrator: bless them. right...
dave: they sleep for a week in spring, when the weather's awful
narrator: sensible
dave: some would say
amos: [appears inappropriately] hi! what are you talking about?!
dave: ssh! you'll wake the kittinz
jj: [yawns]
dr moose: *meow*
amos: i want to play with the kittinz. [yells] bouncey bounce bounce! here kitty!
dave: get down! [rugby tackles amos]
jj: [stirs in his sleep, mimes bouncing around]
dave: [panting] [under his breath] they can be... very dangerous... if roused from sleep too early
dr moose: [glows menacingly]
narrator: never wake a sleeping kittin, eh? that's what my old gran used to tell me
dave: and what a wise woman she was, too
amos: very wise
narrator: what are you saying about my gran?
amos: [stammering] nothing, nothing... she was... just... very wise
narrator: that's what i thought
dave: i think we had better go, jeremy-jeremy will want a strong coffee when he awakes, and i think dr moose will have a piece of pie
narrator: and so our heroes left the other heroes, who were asleep, and went to go about everyday domestic tasks in a most thrilling manner. thanks for listening


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