Friday, 7 March 2008

kittin 6


[they arrive in a mountainous lair]
jj: why, this is exactly the kind of lair a crazed kittin-stealing villain would live
[pan to whole shelves full of kittens in tins]
dave: look at all those poor, imprisoned kittinz
[the kittinz gaze innocently out at the world]
jj: come on, dave! this is no time for getting all soppy
dave: but... but we should free them!
jj: there's no time! anyway, it's not like they're tied up. they're just sort of sitting there
amos: [nudging a kittin] be free, little one
[kittin bounds off]
[the others follow, and the room is full of the sound of echoing tin]
announcer: [from afar] nooo! they are releasing my prized kittin collection! noooooo!
dave: give us back dr moose!
amos: or else!
announcer: [appearing mysteriously from the shadows] but who is "dr moose?" all i have here is my little friend jacobean
jj: no, that's dr moose. look, it says so on his collar
announcer: oh yes, so it does
dave: can we have him back please?
announcer: certainly. entirely my mistake
dave: that's alright
jj: alright?! he ran off with dr moose!
dave: well, no harm done
dr moose: *meow*
dave: although, an apology would be nice
announcer: i'm sorry, dave
dave: and to dr moose
announcer: i'm sorry, dr moose
dave: you may kiss my ring
announcer: [kisses dave's ring]
amos: i never knew you had a ring!
dave: well i do. and i have just one thing left to say, and that's...
amos: adieu?
dave: no, it's...
jj: so long, and thanks for all the fish?
dave: no!, it's...
dr moose: *meow*
dave: oh shut up, furball


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