Sunday, 23 March 2008

kittin 13

narrator: today is a good day in the world of kittinz
dave: [to camera] dr moose was very excited by the spinny man in the last episode, and we're going out on the streets to see if we can find some more
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: jeremy-jeremy hopalong, on the other hand, was not impressed
jj: *looks unimpressed*
amos: chin up, james
jj: i'm not sad, so to speak, just not particularly impressed. you know... i'm kind of impartial, to tell the truth
narrator: and so our friends went on their way
amos: we're off to see the spinner, the wonderful spinner of oz
dave: very nice, amos
dr moose: *meow*
[they suddenly encounter a LARGE MAN]
dave: look! a very large man!
narrator: woah! where did he come from
LARGE MAN: i think that's a very personal question and i am offended by your rudeness
dave: [to camera] i've heard about these types before. they're rare, and hard to find, and often touchy
jj: can we just leave the large man be? i've had a strange enough day as it is
LARGE MAN: i hope you learn some manners next time
narrator: and off they trotted. apart from the kittinz, who sort of bounced along
amos: bouncey bounce
jj: [to camera] he loves it
camera: stop talking to me, you weirdos
[they walk around for a bit]
dr moose: *meow*
amos: not many spinny types around here...
jj: let's go home
narrator: so, they didn't find any spinny people today. but they did encounter a LARGE MAN, and also jj found a penny on the floor but i didn't tell you about that bit. all in all, a good day for kittinz
dave: hooray!
dr moose: [to camera] *meow*


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