Thursday, 6 March 2008

kittin 5

dave: i've been thinking, we need a nickname for this little fella
amos: [to audience] he means his willy
dave: no! [embarrassed] i'm talking about dr moose here, our newest kittin
announcer: IT'S A KITTEN IN A TIN! BUY YOURS TODAY OR RISK CATCHING A HERNIA. OR CERTAIN DEATH. OR BOTH. kitten in a tin, kitten in a tin, kitty kitty kitty...
jj: [produces wallet] i'll give you twenty bucks if you leave without saying another word
announcer: [vanishes into the night]
jj: i have to admit, that was kinda sexy
announcer: you really think so?
jj: didn't you just leave?
announcer: i did, but i forgot my KITTEN IN A TIN! IT'S A KITTEN IN A TIN! KITTY-KIT-KIT!
amos: why can't you say that normally?
announcer: [shrugs] i just like shouting [picks up dr moose] well, i'll be seeing ya... [vanishes once more into the night]
dave: hey! he took dr moose!
jj: pursue! [off they run, chasing the announcer who has stolen dr moose] be continued...

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