Friday, 14 March 2008

kittin 9


wind: [more swooshing]
jj: looks like a sticky situation, doc
dr moose: *meow*
jj: it could only be worse if we were stapled to a cow
dr moose: *meow*
jj: or maybe in RUSSIA
dr moose: [looks unimpressed]
jj: i'm sorry, i get kinda panicky. truth is, i'm not too good with heights
heavenly voice: be not afraid!
jj: woah there, i didn't say "afraid," i said "panicky"
heavenly voice: would you like me to offer you some advice?
jj: go for it
heavenly voice: i like to stroke my legs when i am nervous
narrator: meanwhile, far below
dave: look amos, dr moose and jj are stuck on a kiteboard in the sky
amos: i was here when it happened, dave
dave: i know, i was just trying to put in a recap for new readers
narrator: but... but that's my job
dave: it's a boring job, i don't want it
narrator: [quietly, to self] but it's all i have!
dave: how are we going to rescue those mischievous kittinz, amos?
amos: i think there's only one man for the job
amos + dave: Kite-Surfer Dude Gnarly Rescue Man!
amos: yeah!
dave: [aside] not another crazy shouting person...
amos: our kittin friends are trapped in the sky
dr moose: [from way above] *meow*
KSDGRM: hmm... just let me put on my MAGIC PANTS
[he puts on his magic pants]
KSDGRM: alright!
[the kite floats gently down to earth]
dave: wow! you saved them
jj: actually, i just sort of landed the kite
dave: Kite-Surfer Dude Gnarly Rescue Man, you're my hero
jj: uh... dave...
KSDGRM: i do what i can [runs off to avert another crisis]
dave: [sighs] if only i had magic pants
jj: dave, i landed the kite myself
dave: is that so?
dr moose: *meow*
jj: with a little help from the doc here and there
dave: really
jj: it's true
dave: so this whole adventure was a complete anticlimax
jj: looks that way, yeah
dave: i suppose we'd better stop talking before it gets any worse
[story ends on abrubt, awkward note]


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