Thursday, 20 March 2008

kittin 12


narrator: now we shall reveal that which was witheld in the previous episode, if you can remember that far back, you bunch of slackers
jj: oh my!
dave: i... i...
amos: it's...
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: our heroes were staring in awe at a little spinning man, who spun around a lot until he was quite dizzy
dave: what business have you here, little spinny man?
spinny man: nothing much, nothing much
dave: you seem to have just repeated yourself
spinny man: yes, yes. a bit of repeating, yes, and a bit of spinning. nothing much
amos: oh, little man! how sweet he is. can we keep him, dave?
dave: no, i'm afraid that's strictly illegal
spinny man: i must leave now, and spin elsewhere
dave: very well. begone! but we shall not forget this encounter
spinny man: and neither shall i, nay, never
dave: so be it
narrator: and so it be. and our heroes continued in their quest for a foxglove for dave's broken gnome
hendrix: foxy! lookout! i'm comin' ta get ya...
all: [groove]
dave: look! a patch of foxgloves, just as we were instructed
narrator: that one on the left looks nice
jj: so it does
dr moose: *meow*
amos: try it on! put it on the gnome!
narrator: and dave put the glove on the gnome, and it was a perfect fit
dave: it was meant to be! he is the chosen one! and he is no longer a gome
jj: doc, we are heroes
amos: you didn't really help at all, jj. you just talked a lot and told me to go away
jj: amos?
amos: yes?
jj: go away


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