Monday, 3 March 2008

kittin 4

narrator: our heroes were in the hospital, helping dave recover from his damaged hernia
jj: i'm sorry for poking your hernia, dave
dave: it's ok
jj: it just seemed like the right thing to do
dave: i get it
jj: like that time i hit you with the rake. it just felt right
dave: I GET IT, jeremy
narrator: needless to say, tensions were running high, and if it hadn't been for little dr moose, there would probably have been several curse words in use. as it happens, the others were careful to censor their language
amos: **&£%
dave: what have you got to complain about?
amos: i just like cussing like a sailor
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: just as well dave had two kittens in a tin to cheer him up, otherwise maybe he would never have gotten better
dave: yeah i would
narrator: everyone needs a kitten in a tin, dave. even ghandi
dave: ghandi's dead
narrator: he wouldn't be if he'd carried a kitten in a tin with him, AT ALL TIMES
jj: say, he sounds suspiciously like that announcer guy
narrator: [looks flustered] why, whatever do you mean?
jj: it was mostly the speaking in capitals thing
narrator: i would never!
jj: [scrolls back up the page]
narrator: well, it must've just slIPPPED OUUTTT i mean, slipped out, ahem [fake coughs several times]
dave: oh dear, i hope he hasn't caught my hernia
narrator: i can't
dave: why's that?
narrator: because i carry with me my very own KITTEN IN A TIN! KITTEN IN A TIN! IT'S A KITTEN IN A TINNY-TIN-TIN!
jj: aaaaargh! [starts to melt under the noise]
dave: zeebbbbraaaaarrrrghhhh
amos: please stop
narrator: alright
jj: [unmelts] well, that was easy
dave: narrator, i don't see your kittin, where is he today?
narrator: ah yes, i must have left him at home
jj: but it doesn't matter, because you couldn't catch a hernia if it hit you in the face. right on!
dr moose: [hi fives jj]
[the kittinz do a peculiar victory dance which really bears no relevance to the situation, but which is also quite tricky to do in a tin, so congratulations to them]


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benjamin. said...

'everyone needs a kitten in a tin, dave. even ghandi' Absolute genuis x