Monday, 14 April 2008

kittin 18


jj: [cautiously] i'm just cautiously entering the lair of the Other Way
dave: i'm following closely
amos: i'm making something of a nuisance of myself
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: and i'm gently spectacting in an omnipresent, omniscient sort of way
amos: lovely weather for ducks! [starts to sing] all the ducks are singing with your daughter, lalala
jj: shut it, amos! the beast is near! we must be very wary indeed
[from the distance there is a strange sound]
dave: it sounds a bit like a large sheep
narrator: and so it is! some say it resembles a ram, others a lamb, others still a ewe
amos: oh my!
jj: just as well i bought my spike [produces spike]
dave: and just what do you intend to do with that?!
jj: when we get close, i will spike the Other Way on the end, and thusly carry him home
amos: isn't that a bit dangerous?
jj: i'm willing to risk it
amos: but it will hurt!
jj: i can take the pain
amos: i mean, it will hurt the Other Way, the poor little beastie
[there is a contemplative pause]
dave: how about we just shoot it with tranquilizers?
jj: a fine plan!
dr moose: *meow*
narrator: and so, with tranquilizer guns drawn and set to "stun," our cautious heroes approach some more (i believe they've been approaching for several episodes now) and enter into sight of the Other Way at last
amos: sweet stephanie!
dave: it's a...
jj: ...lamb/ram/ewe/sheep thing...
all [apart from dr moose who goes *meow*]: the Other Way!
other way: [roars like a sheep]
jj: fire!
[they shoot their tranquilizer guns]
other way: [roars louder and more sheepishly than before]
jj: they're not working! he will not be overcome!
all: retreat!
narrator: and so they beat a hasty retreat around the corner, so that they don't have to gaze at the monster for another minute.
and that was all for today be continued in usual style...

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